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Bike Soccer Tournament Recap

On a cold, gray Saturday in November, in the heart of the Mile High city, the greatest sports drama since Ali vs Foreman unfolded to a crowd of... several.

Not really, but there was beer, bikes, and a small group of spectators. Good times.

(And yes, later on in the afternoon more people showed up, I had to leave early to pick up Broox at the airport.)

No-corn is the New Black (Happy Thx Gvng)

Artwork by Ron English

Not to bring anyone down on your day off, but since we are talking about food...

Corn on the cob, creamed corn, corn bread, corn meal, corn flakes, corn kernels, corn fritters, corn dog, Corn Pops, corn liquor, candy corn, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup... on this festive day, the deep dark revelation that the US FDA has hidden from us through both sins of omission and sins of comission is that we are made of c-c-c-corn.

After a recent viewing of the documentary, King Corn, and reading about studies published that traced carbon and nitrogen isotopes from corn (and found in chicken and beef fed by corn) through the American diet, it is clear (or at least all evidence points to) that the American diet consists of cheap food, subsidized and funded by the government, nearly all of which is made from or fed by corn.

At current market rates, corn farmers lose money on every bushel they produce. However, Uncle Sam steps in and not only bridges the gap, but pays them... regardless of whether or not the corn is actually needed (versus demand, for those not down on the econ tip).

(For the record, they should just give me that money, so I can get some Deep Vs platinum plated... that's how balla I am.)

Large farms in the eastern part of our fair state produce corn solely for the feeding of cattle, which cannot properly digest high-starch corn and as a result, their feed is riddled with antibiotics that help prevent serious ulcers from killing them. Even with the antibiotics, the cows simply cannot survive, and as a result are brought to market quickly (i.e. killed).