Meep Records Conceptual Record Exhibition

Adam Baumeister doesn’t make music, he creates it. After finding a record lathe a few years ago he started cutting and creating small batch records for local musicians under the name Meep Records. Baumeister is able to offer an alternative way for musicians to make and sell records, which is typically out of reach for many, but this isn’t what sets him apart.

He’s not just creating records, he creating small batch, audio-visual art. Each record is hand cut with his recording lathe into plastic, which gives him the ability to work with unique shapes and sizes. Take for example a series that he is currently producing, “Calls and Songs of Extinct Birds”. Each hand cut picture disc, some even resembling the birds, is misshapen with locked groves of field recordings of these species that are no more.

Meep Records will be hosting a conceptual record exhibition at Fancy Tiger Clothing Friday November 1st from 6pm-9pm as part of their Civilized Living Series. Baumeister will be exhibiting some of his conceptual records as works of art, many of which will be available for purchase. Beverages will be on hand from sponsors Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado and Pabst Blue Ribbon. For more information on Meep Records visit:

Fancy Tiger Clothing
55 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80203

Time 6:00pm until 9:00pm