Putting The NV in DENVER: Andrew Hoffman

Allow us to introduce Andrew Hoffman, a good friend of ours. Chances are you've seen his art at art shows that we've put on in the past. (Photo's by Paul Vincent // PRBphotos.com) Here's a little more about Andrew:

X: Where did you grow up?

AH: I grew up in Bailey, Colorado.

X: Where do you work?

AH: I’m an art director at Motive. A Denver ad-agency.

X: What type(s) of art do you make?

AH: Typically painting, mostly oil, and designerly illustrations. But, I incorporated a lot of mixed media and sculpture in my new body of work.

X: Who are your major influences?

AH: I have a whole slew of influences. Primarily everyday life, the environment that surrounds me, the places I encounter and the people I meet. In terms of art: the Beat Generation, 1950’s modernism, Buckminster Fuller, Rothko, Rembrandt, Steve Powers, Invisible Creature, John Vogl, Evan Hecox, traditional sign painting…I could go on and on.

X: What tool(s) do you use most in your process?

AH: Pencil, pen, paint and computer.

X: What pushes you to continue to make art?

AH: Art and design is not only my vice but my livelihood. I just absolutely love it, but I always seem to have this notion that I can do better, it’s really a destructive tendency, but at the same time it pushes me to do more. The way I see it is that day I’m content with my work is the day that I retire, until then, I will continue to keep doing what I do.

X: Can you give us an outline of your creative process?

AH: Depends on what I’m working on. In the design world my process is based on the project at hand, I guess that translates to my art as well.

X: When and where was your last show?

AH: My last show was the Falling Whistles group show at Blackbook Gallery, it was a benefit for the children soldiers of the Congo.

X: When and where will your next show be? 

AH: My next show is my first solo gallery show at Super Ordinary Galley on May 6th.

X: What are some of your other passions?

AH: Snowboarding, skating, biking, running (I used to run track/cross country in college)

X: Where do you see your art career taking you in the future?

AH: I just want to be able to do what I love and create everyday for a living, and I’m very fortunate to be in this situation right now.

X: How did you become involved with Denver Clothing Company?

AH: When I first moved over to east Colfax in 2009, I didn't know anyone in Denver and I started making shirts and selling them at the fabric lab, it was great and I met a lot of rad people. I started focusing more on my art & design and stopped doing the shirts for a while, then I stumbled upon a great domain name late last year and started DCC with my girlfriend (Alison Shaw), we thought it would be cool to do a limited edition line. Super Ordinary and DCC teamed up and are going to do a LookBook fashion at the art opening.

X: What can you tell us about your upcoming show “DRIP” at Super Ordinary gallery this Friday?

AH: As for DRIP - The name comes from not only imagery and the process used in a lot of the work that will be on display, but also the spontaneous nature of a drip.

photo by Paul Vincent //

photo by Paul Vincent // PRBphotos.com