Putting the NV in DENVER: THINKMULE™ & deadlydaisy

X: What are your names?
Jeremy Scott Pruitt a.k.a. THINKMULE™
Melanie Pruitt aka deadlydaisy

X: Where did you grow up?

TM™: Kansas
DD: Nebraska

X: How did you guys meet?

TM™: Muffler Shop in Kansas.

X: What type(s) of art do you make?

TM™: Brut Primitive-Folk
DD: Organic

X: Who are your major influences?

TM™: Folk Artists. Outsider Artists. Ancient Cultures. Anything beat up and rusty.
DD: El Greco, Bacon, Modigliani, Durer

X: What tool(s) do you use most in your process?

TM™: Chop saw, hammer and nails.
DD: Rapidograph pens.

X: What pushes you to continue to make art?

DD: Line is consistent.

X: Can you give us an outline of your creative process?

TM™: R and D, wood dust, paint and nails.
DD: Concept, title, thoughts on paper.

X: You have a show at Black Book Gallery right now, Can you tell us a little bit about it?

TM™: New work that bring a lot of what I have done before into one force. I had been working in wood but decided to make the pieces more dimensional and not flat work just coming off the wall. I did do some cut outs for the show but they are kinda the opposite of what I was doing in the way they are very icon. But the main focus of my section of work was to make primitive looking sculpture masks and helmets.

THINKMULE™ balances the intricacies of Melanie’s work well with a collection of primitive-style wooden sculptures. Carrying a heavy brut folk influence, previous utility objects are transformed into animated pieces of art. There is a sense of history and character not unlike rummaging through a street sale, antique store or vintage bazaar. Every old (or new) detail seems so cool. THINKMULE™ will be combining ten sculptural pieces with additional large wood cutouts on display for his part of the show.

DD: Influenced by what I observe around me. How people treat each other, will not listen to each other, judge each other, believe they are "above the other". Religions, politics, phobias, etc...all dirt in the Crawlspace.

X: Do you have plans for another show anytime soon? Group or solo?

TM™: I am curating a show for Illiterate Gallery, Jolly B 13. 13 artist from around the country.
DD: JollyB13 @ Illiterate in May (group) and group show in June.

X: What are some of your other passions?

TM™: Junk Shopping. Gardening. Fishing.

X: Where do you see your art career taking you in the future?

TM™: Bigger rustier pastures.
DD: As far as my focus will take me and right now I feel very focused.