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Cinco Dé Mustache

The notorious day known now as Cinco Dé Mustache has become a tradition amongst friend and foe. As many of us know Cinco Dé Mayo has been celebrated in many a fashion but originated on May 5th 1862 when 4,000 Mexican soldiers defeated 8,000 French soldiers to gain Mexico's independence. Now as many Americans use it as another day to pound down beer and have some cultural sensibility to our southern brothers (or hombre's) we have renounced the day for all of us who love mustache's. I guess you could say that this is simular to St. Patric's day seeming as how no one really appreciates it for what it is for any longer and uses the day as an excuse to prolong their alcoholism.

There has been heavy debate of the holiday. Many people believe that the whole month of March is designated to the mustache. Well, that's just absurd. Who want's to wear a mustache for a whole month. Don't get me wrong I love mustache's just as much as the next man, but a whole month with a fuzzy upper lip is just too much.

Today we (anyone willing to participate) celebrate the Cinco Dé Mustache. A day marking our love for the mustache and those ballsy enough to wear them. We tip our hats to you friends. Wear your mustache loud and proud. Just be sure to shave it tomorrow. (Or wash it off if your a girl celebrating.)

(P.S. Thanks for the photo Evan. :) )

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More pictures of the night can be found on Matt Weaver's Flickr.

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