Meep Records Conceptual Record Exhibition

Adam Baumeister doesn’t make music, he creates it. After finding a record lathe a few years ago he started cutting and creating small batch records for local musicians under the name Meep Records. Baumeister is able to offer an alternative way for musicians to make and sell records, which is typically out of reach for many, but this isn’t what sets him apart.

He’s not just creating records, he creating small batch, audio-visual art. Each record is hand cut with his recording lathe into plastic, which gives him the ability to work with unique shapes and sizes. Take for example a series that he is currently producing, “Calls and Songs of Extinct Birds”. Each hand cut picture disc, some even resembling the birds, is misshapen with locked groves of field recordings of these species that are no more.

Meep Records will be hosting a conceptual record exhibition at Fancy Tiger Clothing Friday November 1st from 6pm-9pm as part of their Civilized Living Series. Baumeister will be exhibiting some of his conceptual records as works of art, many of which will be available for purchase. Beverages will be on hand from sponsors Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado and Pabst Blue Ribbon. For more information on Meep Records visit:

Fancy Tiger Clothing
55 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80203

Time 6:00pm until 9:00pm

Black Book Gallery presents "In The Wild" Group Art Show

In The Wild
Featuring: Cycle,Scott Belcastro, Nicky Davis, Melanie Pruitt, Sam Flores, Vanessa Foley and Amanda Gordon Dunn

Friday, November 1st
Free & Open to the public

From prehistoric to modern times the influence of nature on our visual lives is profound. Some of the earliest paintings in existence on cave walls from Africa to the America’s typically featured animals and nature related scenery. From abstract paintings of flowers, to black and white photographs of mountains, nature has inspired iconic pieces of art found in museums and galleries across the world. In advertising and entertainment, animals are often used to communicate in place of humans. Our love of nature is one of our best inherent qualities; it inspires people to devote their lives to protecting, promoting, representing and enjoying it on every level imaginable.

“In The Wild” is the first in a series of exhibits featuring nature interpreted through varying contexts and mediums. Highly detailed, stark and vibrant representations of the realistic and surreal natural world will definitely provoke your imagination and curiosity.

We are introducing 4 new artists to gallery: Cycle(US), Scott Belcastro(US),Vanessa Foley(UK) and Nicky Davis(US) while welcoming back Sam Flores(US) and Melanie Pruitt(US)

Exhibit runs November 1st – November 23rd

Please contact us for a preview of available artwork


Broadway Triangle Art Wall :: Mural Reveal

As part of a new building recently completed at Larimer & Broadway, an outdoor mural space was integrated into the design for artists to exhibit large format work. Instead of creating directly on the building itself, the wall was designed so artists could work on their pieces in studio and so the artwork could live on to be collected. This is the Broadway Triangle Art Wall.

Friday, the four murals that were produced by various artist groups and individual artists will be installed on site. The artwork will be revealed between 4:00-5:00 as part of First Friday in the RiNo, River North Art District. Nothing too wild, but a first glance at the completed works exhibited together, a chance to chat about the project with some of the people involved and a good place to start your First Friday festivities.

Pedro Barrios, Joseph Martinez, Jaime Molina
Harikrishnan B Panicker, Deepti Nair
Like Minded ( Michael Ortiz & Jonathan Lamb)
Jolt (Geurilla Garden)

Developer + Underwriter: Focus Property Group
Architect + General Contractor: tres birds workshop

2470 Broadway, Denver, CO

Time 4:00pm until 5:00pm

Heavy Metal: an art show

Chubby Robot & The What Presents:

An Art Show
A Metal Music inspired art show with original album covers from Denvers TOP ARTISTS

Beer provided by TRVE Brewing

6pm - 9pm
at BUFFALO EXCHANGE - 51 Broadway, Denver, CO




84 S. Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80209



Monday May 20th we (City O' City) invite VICiOUS DOG PRESS PRINT MASTERS. Buy a print and get a FREE drink and HAPPY HOUR all night! ($2 wells and $2 Shiner Blondes) get-it-you-know-you-wanna.

City, O' City
206 E. 13th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80203

Making Colorado

There are so many friends in this video I just had to share it. You guys rule!

ML Leather

I was just recently turned on to ML Leather out of Huston, TX. They have some really unique wallets, bags, and accessories. The craftsmanship is absolutely exquisite. You can really tell that the folks over at ML Leather take a lot of time in making these one at a time with their loving hands.

Here is what they have to say about their work:

"Every Stitch Counts
We do not use machines, every stitch is done by hand.

Cruelty Free
All Leather that we use is from natural death! For more info email us.

Sweatshop Free
Besides our sweat! We do not believe in putting others into slavery or poverty because a country has high demands of a product they could make themselves.

Most of the stuff used is either roadkill, ground scores or renewed trash.


Check out their newest digs here.

And more at their website

The Shoppe presents new work by Matthew and Dale Novak

New work is produce with the combo of love, happiness, cupcakes, music and some good old fashioned freedom.

7:00pm until 11:00pm

The Shoppe
3103 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado 80206

"Long Lost" by Ryan Everson

-Opening Reception-
Friday, April 12th
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Gildar Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of new nostalgic works by Portland artist Ryan Everson titled Long Lost. Using "re-imagined objects" Everson transports his viewers back to a seemingly simpler and more mysterious existence before the birth of an easily searchable world —a time when a navigation system was an overly wrinkled topographic map and a heart for adventure. However tangible though, Everson's recollections are nonetheless a fantasy. It is this very sense of yearning for something that never truly existed that his work examines.

Coupling retro hand made signage with altered childhood explorer objects and plywood constructions Everson creates a believable past to return to. Using broad terms of longing in his sign pieces like "missing out" and "alone again" the artist taps into a universal sense of loss. Vintage Boy Scout walkie talkies, knapsacks and arrows help lead us deeper into the fog of this fabricated yet familiar memory. Documenting his pieces in environmental settings, Everson further heightens this sense of suspended reality.

Although illusion plays a major role in the sentiment of Everson's work the artist is indebted to his real world artistic predecessors. One can't help but see within Everson's rustic vision images of great American folktales; Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn floating down the Mississippi, Jack Kerouac and Neil Cassidy barreling down a stretch of highway, the Hardy Boy's unearthing a clue. In his use of language Everson finds himself amongst a lineage of fine artists working with the impact of the aphorism such as Bruce Nauman, Ed Ruscha, Barbara Krueger and Jenny Holzer, while his carefully handcrafted representations recall the wooden recreations of artists such as Tom Sachs and Lee Stoetzel.