Craftivus! Crafts and cocktails...and more, oh my! After you visit Holiday Handmade, swing by and have a delicious cocktail!
These local designers will be showcasing their wares-
ChickenMouse-Phryne Metal-Studio Yoshida-Incroyables by Melissa May-JPGC Men's vintage-Giddyup! And much, much more!

Friday December 2nd from 5pm to 10pm
Saturday December 3rd from noon to 6pm

Drink specials!

Mona's Cafe , 1710 Sherman St, Denver, CO

The Holiday Mancraft

We’re making it simple for you to find a Holiday gift that will help your significant other understand that not all cool stuff requires power tools to assemble.

For this no frills event we have assembled some super creative men
to show you what they are made of – and what they make.

More details

Below are some links to guys who will have work here for the evening.

4:00pm until 10:00pm

Ink Lounge
1512 S. Acoma Street, Denver, CO 80223

Aron Dubois + Sandi Calistro=mega art show

Friday, November 18 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Kaze Gallery and Tattoo Studio
3245 Osage St.
Denver, CO 80211

Kaze Gallery is proud to welcome artist Aron Dubois as the newest addition to the tattoo studio, in lieu of this we are throwing an opening celebration at the gallery to showcase the art of Aron and Sandi Calistro. Live music kindly performed by Champagne Charlie, Come on down and show your love!

The PANCAKES & BOOZE Art Show Nov. 18th & 19th - DENVER- FREE PANCAKES!!!

LA's Famous Underground Art Show has made a home in DENVER!!!

Over 750 people in attendance!!!



Come check out the U.F.O. Gallery (formerly The Lucid Gallery)

LIVE BODY PAINTING!!! by Karolina McLean


LIVE Audio & Visual Performances by:

Friday Nov. 18th:
Safety Tom: 8-9:45
DJ Z-Squared: 9:45-11:30
DJ 4Life: 11:30-Close

Saturday Nov. 19th:
DJ Hvlksmash:8-9:30
DJ Jesse James: 9:30-10:30
DJ A.I.: 10:30-11:45
Kon-flikt: 11:45 Close



21+ EVENT!!!

8PM-2AM on both nights


719 West 8th AVE.


Putting the eNVy in Denver: Beau Ritten

X: What is your name?
B: Beau Ritten

X: Where did you grow up?
B: Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington

X: What type(s) of art do you make?
B: I design and make printed, web and video things. I also make music.

X: What is the name of your band, and role do you play in the band?
B: The name of my band is Twin Peaks and I play the drums.

X: Who are your major influences in music or in art/design?
B: Lot's of metal, 80's films and comic books.

X: Do you work for an agency in town or do freelance?
B: Freelance

X: What pushes you to continue to make art?
B: Inspiration from my peers.

X: Can you give us an outline of your creative process (possibly for a project you’ve been stoked on lately)?
B: Usually an idea will come to mind while on a sandwich delivery and I'll rush home after work and sketch the idea and then create it in Illustrator and Photoshop. Same goes for a song idea but without all the sketching and computering.

X: When and where was your last show (music)?
We played at the Hi-Dive on October 8th.

X: When and where will your next show be?
Bender's on November 18th, and Old Curtis Street on December 2nd.

X: Do you have any art shows coming up?
No, although the band has introduced a visual element to the live show that I and Wes (bassist) have created… so it's kind of like an art show.

X: What are some of your other passions?
B: I spend so much time working and with the band that I rarely have any time off. When I do, I like to spend time with family and friends and read and watch stuff and do outdoors stuff like yard work. Going on road trips are fun too.

X: Where do you see your art career taking you in the future?
B: I'm open to anything just as long as I continue to grow and learn and work with rad people.

X: Any plans for a tour in the near future?

Chill.And.Go.III x Scot Lefavor

A good friend of ours Scot Lefavor is going to Mexico for a really cool show/race/all around awesome bike related event....

Here is some of the work he's done for the show...

Some of you may recognize these fine Denver folks:

ART OPENING BY IAN ROBERT McKown @ Marion Street Tattoo/Gallery

Ian Robert McKown will be doing showing us all what he can do November 4th at Marion Street Tattoo. Describing his art doesn't do it justice. You have to come check it out!! even mini portraits of all the anchorman characters! GREAT ART, GREAT FUN! 8pm-11pm.

"I started tattooing in 2003 in Boulder, Colorado. I've always found myself drawn to what some would call 'realistic' tattoos, but only recently came into my own in regards to finding my own style within this genre of tattooing. I would have to say a big turning point in my tattooing, and more importantly, my art was when I picked up an art magazine containing an article written by David A. Leffel, an American artist who paints in the classic Flemish/Dutch old master style. I cannot stress enough what an eye-opener seeing his work was for me. It was as though I was seeing art for the first time in my life.

I began painting in oils in 2007. I've mainly focused on still life’s, and some portraits. I find this type of work very rewarding. I've been able to bring together some of my painting and tattoo styles, combining them into something fresh, and hopefully unique.

As with everything in life, my art is a study in hard work, and a constant desire to become a better artist, in both medias."

Friday, November 4 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Marion Street Tattoo & Gallery

Ryan Riss + Tyler Krasowski + Kevin Hennessy

Illiterate presents an exhibition of works by three excellent artists working in two toned psychedelia. Ryan "Craptical" Riss, Tyler Krasowski and Kevin Hennessy strip away color in favor of strong lines and intricate values. Mashing together visual cultures each artist creates strange graphic objects that splice artisan traditions with contemporary irreverence. While related in tone, each artist retains a unique style arising from their overlapping yet individual archives of popular, underground and classic iconography.

Friday, November, 4
7pm - 11pm

" Fried Chicken an a gallon of Gasoline "

Friday, November 4 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm


Mike Graves

Paintings by Mike Graves, Keith Jive and Markham Maes

New photography by Jeff and Joshua Ball - RuiNation: the Rust-Belt Remains

Sellars Project Space is proud to present a series of new photographs by brother Jeff and Joshua Ball in an exhibition titled, RuiNation: The Rust-Belt Remains.This exhibition opens with a reception for the artists on Friday, November 4th from 6 - 9 p.m. during Denver's city-wide Super First Friday in celebration of Denver's Art Week. The artists will be in attendance. This exhibition continues through November 30th, 2011.

“RuiNation” a photography exhibit by two Mid-West Brothers who see beauty in the Rust-Belt’s urban decay to open at Sellars Project Space this November

Join brothers, Jeff and Joshua Ball, November 4th from 6-9 p.m. at Sellars Project Space located at 4383 Tennyson Street for their new exhibit, RuiNation, The Rust-Belt Remains.

The Industrial Revolution is officially over. After an era of cultural optimism and pure industrial might, the United States no longer finds itself in a booming manufacturing-based economy. Many plants have closed, supply lines slowed and our once-proud workforce has faded into office cubicles and super-store checkout lines. The revolution is dead and the result is a sprawling countryside peppered with barren smokestacks and blackened factory framing. Within that imagery lived the inspiration for a project that would ultimately become RuiNation.