Bike Soccer 3 - 3.28.09

TRACK SHACK PRESENTS: Bike Soccer 3 "Bring your 3-5 person team to Civic Center Park on Saturday, March 28th at noon. Have a team name and a theme ready. Uniforms or costumes are encouraged. We'll round up some PBR."

Loops: Week 38 map


We are one year old... and your invited to come celebrate! (READ MORE)

Join us for ONE YEAR ON THE SPOT, the 1st year anniversary of xrocksthespot™!

Riding the Rails Re-Cap

Trackstand Tuesday

Trackstand Tuesday is sponsored by Plastic Chapel this week.

$5 all you can drink PBR.

Loops: Week 38


Art Crank... Don't Forget.

As if you could forget the coolest poster show to be placed in this city's gritty little artistic hands. Artcrank is going to be a super fun day filled with fresh artwork and a really fun bicycle ride.

Denver Mallet Mafia

Come out and play a little polo. No experience necessary... if you've never played polo your probably at the same skill level as everyone else. No mallets required, they'll be provided for you.

Trackstand Tuesday (3) recap

The nights trackstanding competitions took on a total of three events. The first being a traditional Rockbar trackstanding competition, the second a cupcake eating competition, and the third a dress up and beer chug competition.

Traditional: Peter - $20 Gift Certificate to Rockbar
Cupcake: Matty G. - $30 The Shoppe gift certificate
Dress & Chug: Gary - 1hr Tattoo session w/ Fish

Photography courtesy of Matt Weaver.