FM Magazine Issue 6 Release Friday...

FM Release Party this friday at the DVLP Warehouse. (2501 Champa St.)

$5 Suggested donation.

More info at FM-Magazine.

Loops: Week 42

(Illustration © Broox Pulford)

ARTCRANK Denver recap

(Photo's © Broox Pulford)

The hell that was the Denver vs. Boulder alleycat last Sunday...

I was drinking a vegan milkshake at Sweet Action with Eric, when it started to snow. "There's no way in fucking hell I'm racing in that shit," I thought. And it kept coming. An hour later, and a couple beers in, I was still slightly tempted to race, yet debating the factors; "Well, the snow is melting when it hits the ground. Not too much wind... " I talk to the bartender about my hesitance, "Two shots of whiskey will set you straight," "I've already had one!" I holler back.

I sign up with a little arm twisting from Jacob. Thirty seven racers in all. Fifteen minutes until the start, manifests are distributed. I give the first few checkpoints a scan: Cheeseman Park, Bar Bar, The Denver Skatepark. I can do this. "Broox, how much time 'til the start?" "NINE MINUTES!" So I head inside to my bag, get my jacket situation square, choose which pocket I'm keeping my manifest in and how it's folded. Gloves, check, ipod, check, phone (for emergencies), check. Head to the start with seconds to cue up '3 Inches of Blood' and "GO!"

We take off from 3 Kings, heading north on Broadway. Right to Lincoln, Right on 3rd, Left on Logan, Right on 6th, I sprint to the head of the pack and I was stuck. Fuck, is it Franklin? SHIT, which street is it!? Then I saw my buddy who lives near Cheeseman sprint up Lafayette and I follow up the hill. Roll into the park, run up some steps, purple stamp, done. Read More

Can you hold out one more day?

Loops: Artcrank Edition

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Loops: Artcrank Edition starts at the corner of Colfax and St. Paul, just outside of the Rockbar parking lot at 11pm this Saturday the 11th of April. The ride will go through City Park with the first stop at the Martin Luther King Junior Memorial statue, then west on 21st street to Bar Bar. From Bar Bar We'll ride North West towards Coors Field... make a left on Blake and an immediate right on 20th to Little Raven. Make a left at Little Raven and a right on 19th, then a left on Platte to the next stop, Paris Wine Bar. After stopping at Paris Wine Bar the ride will make its way westward down Platte Street to Water and across the bridge at I-25 where we'll make a left towards Invesco Field. At Invesco we'll make a loop and hang out for a while. Then we'll make our way through Auroria Campus via Zuni and Walnut with a left at 5th Ave. and a right on Auroria Parkway back onto Walnut. After making a right at 14th we'll stop at Wicked Gardens. A drink or so later we'll make our way to Larimer Lounge (for the Peña CD Release Party) by taking Lawrence to 28th St to Larimer.

Loops: Week 41 map

Ride for Phillips Elementary Autistic Center

The Autism bike ride is this Sunday. Please join in, these kids need the support.

City Park
12:00 - 12:45 Registration
1:00 Ride begins
Find someone to sponsor you for a Dollar a lap up to 20 laps (The lap is not that long)

All proceeds go directly to the children of Philips Elementary Autistic Center

multiple sponsors OK!

Afterwards there will be BBQ, and Beer, and all kinds of park-related activities.

We will be meeting at the Gazebo on the East side of the park (17th and Colorado)

Anyone who rides ANY kind of Bike is welcome to find a sponsor, and ride. And if you do not have a bike, sponsors ARE NEEDED!

Anthony Cozzi x Artcrank

Trackstand Tuesday (5)

Come out and join us for Trackstand Tuesday at Rockbar this week. It starts at 10:30 PM at Rockbar.

Track Stand Tuesdays @ RockBar from Street Tumblers on Vimeo.