Street Tumblers x City Park

The much anticipated City Park Race is about to push you to the next level. Bring your chain lube and handlebars and get ready to ride hard. Rock out with your cog out bitches!!! But on a more serious note please look out for geese feces.

The City Park Race is one in many monthly races put on by the Street Tumblers. Do you think you have what it takes to win the race? The winer will recieve 3 hours of tattoo work from Aaron Dubois! If you don't want to race but you'd like to come and hang out for all the fun please feel free. Meet at the club house at 1pm.

Loops: Week 32 map

Loops: Week 32

Trackstand Tuesday's


This head tube badge found at Pentabike's blog can be purchased for $85. There are some other sweet Pentabike goodies to be found at the same website. Peep it yo!

Boulder Velodrome Construction

City Park Race Postponed

"We (Street Tumblers) are very sorry for being so damn off and on,
but we are going to switch the day from the 1st to the 8th of Febs.
We do this because of the weather and the super bowl.
Despite the fact that we all ride bikes, we think that many of you might wanna surround your uncle's Big Screen with a nice hot bowl of bean dip and hope for yet another nip slip
"Hopefully not from the boss".
I would suggest watching Puppy Bowl this sunday if you are not into the Big Football game.
Thank you all for staying with us.
We are nothing without your support and we love all of you for that.
Ride Safe, Go football
& see you all Feb. 8 @ 1pm in the city park by the club house."

Loops: Week 31 map

Loops: Week 31

Animation Fun!

Awh.. and a nice few seconds of visual pollution for you to rest your eyes on.