Spin Me Bitch!

Whirly Bird - Mork from Adam Mork on Vimeo.

Those kids in Boulder really get sick with it. Find more on the Boulder Alley Cat blog. Rumor has it that there will be a Denver vs. Boulder alley cat soon. If you know more about it drop a comment in this post.

Loops: Week 30 map

Loops: Week 30

Bike Soccer Vol.2 recap

Phil Gets Artsy :) (Part II)

Phil made some super rad "Denver Actual Bike Messenger" trading cards:

He also made a lumber jack coozie:

And check out the matching hat!

This shit rocks! I know I've said this before and I'll say it again, I love it when Phil gets artsy. :)

Loops: Week 29 map

Bike Soccer Vol.2

PBR sponsors a Track Shack event!
Bike Soccer Tournament #2 (& other activities).
Meet here (Civic Center):

@ 12:00, high noon on the 17th of January, bitches. Git your team and lets whack some BALLS!!

Loops: Week 29

Loops: Week 28 map

Pearl Velo

My friend Tyler Hardie opened a new bicycle shop called Pearl Velo in the Highlands... Here is how he describes his business venture:

“A Bicycle Boutique”

Welcome to the artistic way of a Bike Shop. I’ll be using vintage frames to build you a bike that you have a part in. Recycling of sorts. You make the choices. From the color of your components, to your wheels, seat, bars, single or fixed, around town or latest hipster style. Come back in a few days and pick up your new ride. I’ll even help fit it to you.

Also stop by for all of your tune-ups and upgrades. I’ll have all the latest hard to find unique parts, and if I don’t stock it, I can get it. Make sure to stop by on First Friday Art Walks to check out the progress and have a PBR, or a glass of Wine if that’s how you roll.

Thanks for the time, Tyler

... The shop is located at 4421 W. 43rd Ave Denver, CO 80212. Go check it out for yourself.